🌟 We think our intern Jacob did a pretty fabulous job creating this Affirmation Wreath, the 2023 Huskie Pack Wreath for the Hemlock Business Association. πŸŽ„ Raffle cost is $1 per ticket or $5 for six, and can be purchased at the HPSD Administration Office located on the southwest corner of the high school. The Wreath Raffle Drawing will take place on December 1st as a part of Hemlock Hometown Holidays 2023. This wreath holds 12 envelopes for the 12 days of Christmas. Each envelope has a positive affirmation that will make each and every day during the twelve days of Christmas even more encouraging and positive. #BetterTogether #HemlockStrong #12DaysOfChristmas #Huskietastic
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Wreath 2
πŸŽ₯ Mrs. Lockwood's high school multimedia class uses greenscreen technology to create "fake news segments" 🎬 Students are required to prepare a script, add a sound or music to their segment, and then record their segments in front of a green screen in her classroom. What's green screen, you ask? It's the cinematic wizardry of filming against a solid color, digitally removing the color, and then magically replacing it with scenes of their choice. ✨ Pictured: Lilly Wenzel, Victoria Hauffe, and Allie Watson #MultimediaMagic #HemlockHuskies #InnovativeEducation #Since1863
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Fake news
Good morning, Huskies! 🍁🏫 As we step into a fresh week, remember that school is in session on Monday and Tuesday, paving the way to a well-deserved Thanksgiving break starting on Wednesday. Wishing you all a vibrant and joyful pre-holiday stretch! πŸ“šπŸ¦ƒ πŸ“Έ Stacy Hall #HemlockHuskies #ThanksgivingCountdown #BetterTogether #Since1863
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Leaf School
When crafting meets athleticism! πŸŽ¨πŸ€ Seniors Jaedyn Mallek, Emma Streich, and Logann Clayton crafted a Gator-wreath for our fantastic Athletic Trainer Cody Forbes. Cheers to the perfect blend of creativity and athletics at Hemlock Public School District. #PullTheSled #DecorateItFirst #HemlockHuskies #BetterTogether
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senior wreath
Wiggle into Learning πŸͺ‘ News from our Classroom Makeover initiative at Hemlock Public School District! πŸŽ‰ Allie Hammis' Kindergarten classroom received a fun upgrade, featuring 6 new wobble seats for our little learners to wiggle and thrive while they explore the world of knowledge. πŸ“š These students are ready for an engaging and dynamic space that fosters creativity and active learning! #ClassroomMakeover #BetterTogether #HemlockHuskies #Since1863
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Wobble 2
This week's #StaffSpotlight is on the spirited Stacy Hall, our new Business Office Specialist here at Hemlock Public School District. Other than being able to pogo stick for about 380 jumps without stopping, here are some fun nuggets of information you may not know about her: β€’ The Disney character she relates to the most is Tigger. She's always up for an adventure and gets excited about the little things. β€’ If she could time travel, she'd head to Woodstock, or an old Speakeasy from the prohibition era. β€’ If a movie was made of her life, she's like either Anne Hathaway or Anna Kenrick to play her. β€’ If she won the lottery and decided to give up her position at HPSD, she'd buy land, invite all her friends and family to live on the property, and have a huge animal rescue. Welcome to the family, Stacy, we’re grateful you’re part of the Huskie Pack! #PackLeaders #Huskietastic #BetterTogether #Since1863
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SS Stacy Hall
Ready to join the Huskie Pack? Explore exciting opportunities with us. From nurturing young minds as an Elementary Teacher to guiding athletes as an Assistant Coach, we have roles that shape the future. πŸŽπŸ€ Embrace a vibrant culture of collaboration and innovation, and make a difference in the lives of our students. Apply today and become part of our #HemlockHuskies family: https://hemlockps.bamboohr.com/careers #BetterTogether #Huskietastic #Since1863
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Exciting News! πŸ€ We're thrilled to announce that Lauren Borsenik has signed to play basketball with Concordia University! Her talent, grit, and passion are unparalleled, and we can't wait to see her shine with the Lady Huskies. Let's gear up for an amazing season ahead and cheer on Lauren and our team as they dominate the court once more! #Talent #Grit #Passion #LadyHuskies #ConcordiaUniversity #PULLTHESLED
13 days ago, Jacob Greer
Signing 1
Signing 2
Signing 3
It's #ThrowBackThursday and today we're bouncing all the way back to 1970 to feature the Boy's Varsity Basketball team, led by Coach Rye. πŸ“Œ Spot someone you recognize? Tag them or their family and share a memory. Pictured from left to right: D. Hoggard, T. Baumann, M. Beyersdorf, P. Campbell, R. Emeott, B. Shields, E. Thom, G. Kilbourn, D. Sanford, M. Wardin, and G. Kube. #Huskietastic #TBT #HuskiesOf1970 #HemlockStrong #HemlockHuskies
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Varsity Basketball
Classroom Makeover Alert 🍎 Donna Schantz's Kindergarten class got a surprise update as part of our Classroom Makeover initiative at Hemlock Public School District! πŸ“š With this makeover, we dove into the Science of Reading (SOR) for a hands-on approach to phonics and reading. Because our focus is on creating a vibrant learning space with the latest techniques, we added a magical touch with 17 sets of Beginner Word Work Magnetic Letters to Mrs. Schantz's classroom. #ClassroomMakeover #HemlockHuskies #BetterTogether #Since1863
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magnetic letters
#WednesdayWisdom #HemlockStrong #JustStart
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When Zach Bauer, our resident Food Dude, isn't leading our incredible Food Service team, he's capturing fun moments with the Huskie Pack. These behind-the-scenes photos are from last week's Senior Citizen Thanksgiving Dinner. Thank you to all the staff, students, and volunteers who helped make this #huskietastic event happen. #BetterTogether #HemlockHuskies #ThanksGiving
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TG 1
TG 2
TG 3
TG 4
TG 5
TG 6
TG 7
Join the Huskie Pack and ignite young minds as a Secondary Science Teacher! πŸ”¬πŸ“š Embrace the thrill of discovery, inspire curiosity, and become a vital part of our students' journey to becoming Life Ready. Apply today: https://hemlockps.bamboohr.com/careers/91 #HuskieHiring #PullThe Sled #HemlockHuskies #JoinThePack
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Science Teacher
It's #TeacherFeature Tuesday and today we're featuring the steadfast Stacey Langworthy, a 2nd grade teacher at K.C. Ling Elementary, who has taught at Hemlock Public School District for 22 years. We wanted you to get to know Mrs. Langworthy a little better, so here are some fun facts about her: β€’ Her favorite subject in school was English. β€’ She has always wanted to be a teacher. β€’ If she won the lottery and decided to give up teaching, she’d open a little bookstore overlooking the ocean. β€’ We asked her what her students may be surprised to learn about her and she shared that she struggled to read and comprehend at a young age. β€’ What accomplishment fills her with pride so far this year? Checking off a bucket-list item by visiting the Grand Canyon. Well, we think you're pretty grand, and are so grateful to have you in our Huskie Pack, Mrs. Langworthy! #Huskietastic #Since1863 #HPSDPackLeader #HemlockStrong #HemlockHuskies
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TF Stacey
Our Huskie Pack thrives on the immense goodwill and generosity of our supporters. We're thrilled to announce that beyond cash, check, and in-kind contributions, we can now accept donations in the form of publicly traded stock. If you're considering supporting our Huskie Pack with publicly traded stock or any other form of donation, please reach out at 989.642.5282. Let's #PullTheSled together for a brighter future! #BetterTogether #HemlockHuskies #BrightFuture
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Eager minds + comfy seats = the perfect equation for learning success πŸŒŸπŸ“š As part of our Classroom Makeover Initiative, Mrs. Tack's 4th-grade class are all smiles with their brand new plush seat cushions, bringing a whole new level of comfort to the classroom. Happy students, happy learning! #ClassroomMakeover #Huskietastic #HemlockHuskies #Since1863
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Tack cushions
Dressed in their best twinning vibes! πŸ‘―β€β™€οΈ Ms. Shields and her adorable student Nevaeha show us how to rock the matching game at Hemlock Elementary. #BetterTogether #HemlockHuskies #Huskietastic #Since1863
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Shields Twinning
Hemlock’s Middle School Robotics Team Brain Stem #10180 currently ranking #2 heading into the finals at the Midland Qualifier.
18 days ago, Kids First!
Honoring the brave men and women who served our nation. Happy Veterans Day from Hemlock Public School District! πŸ‡ΊπŸ‡Έ #ThankYouForYourService #HemlockStrong
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This week's #StaffSpotlight is on the tender-hearted Theresa Morgan, a Paraprofessional at K.C. Ling Elementary who has worked here at Hemlock Public School District for over 20 years. Other than having two nicknames as a child (Mother Nature and Brillo), here are some other nuggets of information you may not know about her: β€’ Her favorite part of her job is when she sees our kids succeeding; she said it just melts her heart. Her least favorite part is not being able to help someone, and feeling as though what she's doing isn't working. β€’ The Disney character she feels best represents her is the grandma in Moana. The love that she has for her grand-daughter is how Miss Theresa feels about all her grand-babies. β€’ Her worst fashion decision was sporting a mullet. β€’ A song she could listen to on repeat is Country Roads by John Denver. β€’ She loves to paint rocks and hide them for others to find. We’re grateful you’re part of the Huskie Pack, Theresa. Thank you for all you do for our amazing students here at HPSD. #PackLeaders #Huskietastic #BetterTogether #Since1863
20 days ago, HPSD Communications
Morgan SS