Today, on Volunteer Recognition Day, we want to express our deep gratitude to the backbone of our community: our volunteers. From the classroom to the field, and behind the scenes, your dedication makes our district shine. Whether you're a student, parent, coach, or community member, your contributions help shape the Hemlock experience. Thank you for all you do to support our students, staff, and mission of innovation, collaboration, and education. Together, we are #HemlockStrong. “Volunteers do not necessarily have the time; they just have the heart.” 💙 Elizabeth Andrew #VolunteerRecognitionDay #HemlockHuskies #BetterTogether
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Ms. Engelhart's 2nd grade class has been front and center for the exciting construction of the new K.C. Ling gym. 🚧 Check out these fun progress photos from their window - the transformation from October to now is incredible. #HemlockHuskies #Huskietastic #AlwaysGrowing #Since1863
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Construction 1
construction 2
construction 3
construction 4
We're introducing #FeelGoodFriday with a sweet tale of teamwork and kindness within our Hemlock family. ✨ Mid downpour on Wednesday, a high school student dashed to K.C. Ling for baseball practice, only to lose a cleat along the way. Despite retracing his steps, the cleat was nowhere to be found. But here's where the magic of our community shines. By Thursday morning, a kind soul had found the cleat and delivered it to the Middle School office. What happened next? In a heartwarming display of teamwork, our incredible staff - from custodians to secretaries, even our school nurse and resource advocate - sprang into action. Within a matter of minutes, they ensured the cleat found its way back to the high school office, snugly back in its owner's baseball bag, just in time for the game that day. That's the spirit of #HemlockStrong. ✨ Want to share a feel good story? In an effort to collectively celebrate and share the good stuff happening right under our noses, we want you to tell us something good! Whether it's excellent service from a local business, a simple act of kindness from a neighbor, a sweet moment between friends or a servant-hearted student making a difference...we want to hear about it. Share your story here: #HemlockHuskie #BetterTogether #Since1863
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TMSG Story
This week's #StaffSpotlight is on the notable Noreen Zastrow, our Dean of Students at Hemlock Middle School for the past 5 years. We want you to get to know Mrs. Zastow a little better, so here are some fun facts you may not know about her: • She loves to make charcuterie boards for gatherings, and enjoys canning. Some of her favorite things to can are asparagus, salsa, jam, candied jalapeños and BBQ sauce. • As a child, her family and extended family called her "Reenie". • Ireland and Scotland are on her travel bucket list. • She wanted to be a veterinarian when she grew up. • If she won the lottery and decided to give up her position at HPSD, she'd work for their family business. • We asked her what our Huskie pack might be surprised to find out about her, and she shared that she's the youngest of 7 seven children, and grew up on a dairy farm in McBain, Michigan. We’re grateful you’re part of the Huskie Pack, Mrs. Zastrow. Thank you for all you do for our incredible students at Hemlock Middle School. #PackLeaders #Huskietastic #BetterTogether #Since1863
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SS Noreen
🥁 The Hemlock Band Spring fundraising event is just around the corner. For more information about their Craft Show, please visit their event page: 🚧 If you plan to attend, please pay attention to this parking guide as we will also be hosting our 2nd Annual Senior Citizen Brunch at the Middle School at the same time. #HemlockHuskies #BetterTogether #AlwaysGrowing
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Spring Brunch
It's a bird! it's a plane! No, it's Principal Gensch... duct taped to a wall! The Sail Into Reading read-a-thon has concluded, and our elementary students and their sponsors certainly rocked it out. 📚 Thank you to all the donors who helped raise over $14,000, and in doing so, helped temporarily adhere Principal Gensch to the wall, and a giant congratulations to our students who garnered an impressive 34,147 minutes of reading. Way to #PullTheSled, Huskies. #HemlockHuskies #ReadingMonth #LiteracyHeroes #Huskietastic
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Taped Lori
It's #ThrowBackThursday, and today we're taking a trip down memory lane to these freshmen, caught mid-chew, cheesing it up for the camera. 📷 Recognize a Huskie? Tag them and share a memory. #Huskietastic #TBT #HuskiesOf1996 #HemlockStrong #HemlockHuskies
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TBT 1996
The Hemlock Board of Education recently honored Mike Huston for his invaluable role in the Business Partnership between Hemlock Public School District, Hemlock SemiConductor, and DuPont. Mike's dedication and efforts in bridging our school district with these esteemed organizations have been instrumental in creating unique learning opportunities and resources for our students. His vision and commitment are shaping a brighter future for our community's young minds. A heartfelt thank you to Mike Huston for being a pillar of collaboration and progress. Your work is making a real difference. #HemlockInnovation #BusinessPartnership #HemlockStrong #EducationalExcellence #HemlockHuskies
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Huston Honor
☕ You're invited to join us for Coffee with Don + Anna 🍩 Come and learn how school finances and taxes work, and how the non-homestead millage renewal is essential to the health and vitality of our school district. When: Wednesday morning, May 8th or Wednesday evening, June 12th. Location: The Administration Offices in the South wing of the High School. #KnowledgeIsPower #HemlockHuskies #BetterTogether
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#WednesdayWisdom #WorkHard #HemlockStrong
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Some kids are lucky enough to be born a Hemlock Huskie, others make the choice along the way. #Blessed2BeAHuskie #BetterTogether #HemlockStrong
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🌼 We are excited to be hosting our 2nd Annual Senior Citizen Brunch on Saturday, sponsored by the Hemlock Community Pep Club. This event is for senior citizens who are already pre-registered and have RVSP'd. 🎶 At the same time this Saturday, there will be a craft show put on by the Hemlock Band Boosters. Both events will be held at Hemlock Middle School on Saturday, April 20th, due to the construction taking place at Hemlock High School. 🚧 Please use this map as guidance for finding parking, while honoring our senior community. #HemlockHuskies #AlwaysGrowing #ThankYouForGrace #HemlockStrong
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Band + brunch
Students in Ms. Little's 2nd Grade classroom are already putting their magnetic word wordboards to good use thanks to the #Huskietastic Classroom Makeover. #ClassroomMakeover #HandsOnLearning #HemlockHuskies
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LB 1
LB 2
LB 3
It's #TeacherFeatureTuesday and today we're featuring the hospitable Holly Bell, our Resource Room Teacher who offers incredible support to students in grade 9 - 12 here at Hemlock High School. In addition to spending 6 years teaching at K.C. Ling Elementary before making her way over to the High School, you'll find some more fun facts about Mrs. Bell below: • She loves collecting rocks and minerals. If there is a lake nearby, you better give her a few minutes to look in it, or be prepared to pull over if she sees a rock she simply needs to take home with her. • A song she could listen to on repeat is “Gimme Shelter" by The Rolling Stones. • If she won the lottery and decided to give up teaching, she would either work at a florist...or be a lion tamer. In short, she would really love to work around pretty flowers or big cats. • If she could time travel, she would go back in time to 1969 and attend the Woodstock Music Festival to see some of her all time favorites play while they were still alive. • The worst fashion decision she's made? Tying a hoodie around her hips every day when she was around 9 years old. She never actually wore the hoodie, it was simply a 90's fashion statement. We’re so grateful to have you in our Huskie Pack, Mrs. Bell! #Huskietastic #Since1863 #HPSDPackLeader #HemlockStrong #HemlockHuskies
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Holly Bell
We know that Hemlock Huskies do amazing things, both personally and professionally, and we want to hear all about it. Whether you've landed your dream job, started your own business, or made a difference in your community in a unique way, we want to celebrate your accomplishments and share your story with our community. If you're a Hemlock graduate and would like to submit your story for a chance to be featured in our Alumni Spotlight, please fill out the form linked below. We can't wait to hear from you: #HemlockHuskies #HPSDAlumniSpotlight #BetterTogether #Since1863
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Alumni Spotlight
Sometimes the commotion and laughter we hear in the halls isn't passing time between classes, it's freshmen working on their commercials for Mr. Angers health class. #HemlockHuskies #BetterTogether #LaughAndLearn
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Health commercial
Hemlock Public School District is accepting nominations for their 2024 Hall of Fame class. This year’s nominations will mark the third annual class to be invited to join the Huskie Hall of Fame. Nominations can be submitted by filling out the form found here:
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At their April regular meeting, the Hemlock Board of Education spotlighted an outstanding individual in our community. We're thrilled to honor Tyler Zolinski for his exceptional dedication and support as the district's Competitive Powerlifting coach. 🏆 Tyler's commitment to our student-athletes goes beyond just training; he has been a pivotal force in fostering strength, discipline, and sportsmanship among our young lifters. His guidance and expertise have not only built champions but have also instilled invaluable life lessons in teamwork and perseverance. A big thank you to Tyler Zolinski for elevating our athletic program and inspiring our students to reach new heights. Your impact is truly remarkable! #HemlockStrong #PowerLiftingExcellence #StudentAthletes #HemlockHuskies
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Zo Honor
Moving Forward Together | Building a Brighter Future As we work tirelessly to #PullTheSled full steam ahead, we are reminded of the old saying, "Rome wasn't built in a day." In our journey to create a brighter future for our students, staff, and community, we want you to know that our commitment is steadfast — even when the progress isn't immediately visible. With multiple projects currently in motion, our efforts behind the scenes are shaping a path forward, filled with opportunities and enhancements for everyone we serve. We are building, growing, and learning every day, and your continued support fuels our drive and determination. Thank you for your trust and patience as we transform challenges into stepping stones for success. Together, we are not just dreaming of a better future; we are making it a reality. #HemlockHuskies #ThankYouForYourPatience #AlwaysGrowing #Since1863
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Ball fields
Join the Huskie Pack and be a part of something extraordinary at Hemlock Public School District! We're always on the lookout for dynamic individuals who share our passion for innovation, collaboration, and education. Explore the exciting opportunities awaiting you and let's build something #huskietastic together: #HemlockHiring #HemlockHuskies #JoinTheHuskiePack
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