State of the District

Dear Huskie Pack,

Our Winter 2023 Semester is off to an amazing start at Hemlock Public School District. We continue to focus on positively impacting every classroom and every student with improvements and more. We are a triple “A” school district, expanding opportunities to our students with Academics, Arts, Athletics, and more.

We continue to see our students making progress inside our classrooms and out. As a school, we cultivate human capital and foster growth so that our students will become productive citizens, ready for an ever-changing landscape.

George Bernard Shaw said, “What is a world without art”, and at Hemlock Public School District, we agree. This past month our Hemlock High School Snow Carvers competed in the Zehnder Snowfest sculpting contest and took first place. WNEM | MLIVE

On January 27, 2023, at our home varsity basketball game, we honored our previous athletes of the year, representing the Class of 1962, 1972, 1982, 1992, 2002, 2012, and 2022. Connecting our past with the present and our future is important to us.

As a school district, our mission and vision are to innovate, collaborate, and educate a community of learners. We continue to lead the way and have highlighted many of our collective partners since the start of 2023 and will continue to do so. Our school and our community are better because of partners, and it’s important to show gratitude to those that have helped us along the way. Our business partnership with HSC and DuPont has endured for decades and continues to positively impact our students, staff, and community.

We continue to cultivate partnerships that benefit our students and community. Organizations like Pumford Construction, who partnered with us to build a world-class STEM Center, are currently working with us on expansion. We have partnered with the Patrick Wolgast Family and Moltus Building Group to fundraise and build a field house.

These projects are notable to everyone, and their impact is and will be undeniable. With the STEM Center expansion and the field house build, we are still raising capital and in-kind donation of material and labor. For more information about giving in any fashion, please contact Director of Business Operations and HR Anna Wamack via email at or call (989)642-5282.

More and more young families recognize Hemlock Public School District as the destination for a great education in a family-friendly community. Due to the continued high demand for our early childhood programming, we will be moving the administration office from the elementary building at 200 Wilson Street to the Southwest corner of our high school with a new address of 733 N. Hemlock Rd., Suite 100. We will work to develop additional spaces to serve families in our early childhood program over the next twelve months.

We have a slate of work scheduled for this spring and summer that will continue into the fall of 2023 that, includes work at Hemlock Elementary (moving playground, parking lot, gymnasium), K.C. Ling Elementary (cafeteria/current gymnasium), Kunold Tennis Courts, and Wallace Field at our high school. These projects are funded by our 2022 Bond and augment the work we have completed already, which includes updating nearly every classroom K-8 except for science rooms which will be updated in the coming years. Please understand that as we start to make progress with these projects, there will be temporary inconveniences, such as noise or inability to use a space or traffic issues.

As a school district, we are stronger than ever. Families from near and afar recognize that the Huskie Pack is leading the way in providing a world-class educational experience. We will continue to focus on improving as we are positioned as a destination district.

Thank you for your passion for our students and Hemlock Public School District. Our Huskie Pack is strong because of students, alumni, families, and the community who continue to share our story and advocate for our mission. I am grateful to you, and I hope to thank you in person sometime soon. If you have any questions, please do not hesitate to call me at 989.642.5282. 

Until we chat again, be safe, and be well; all the best, 

Dr. Donald Killingbeck Jr., Ed.D., Supt.

Go Huskies!