HMS Robotics on to State Championships

Hemlock’s FTC Robotics Team 10180 BrainSTEM, traveled to Parker Middle School in Howell Michigan and had the best competition in the history of the program. Their effort was strong enough to qualify them for the FTC State Championships at Calvin University in Grand Rapids on December 15th -17th.

Against a quality field of 36 mostly downstate teams, BrainSTEM made it through qualifying matches undefeated and ranked 4th. This resulted in them being the 3rd alliance captain and provided them the privilege of choosing two other teams to compete with in the playoffs. BrainSTEM and their teammates made it into the finals where they lost to the event winners.  The performance was good enough to earn a spot in the State Championships. Go BrainSTEM - you´ve earned another month of fun!

We asked some of our students what going to state competition means to them and this is what they had to say …

“We had made history in our FTC program in these competitions this year.  This has been the first time we made it to finals and became an alliance captain.  Going states is huge for us because our FTC program has never qualified and those who were a part of FTC last year knows we had a rough year.  Although it will be a hard competition we are ready for the challenge and the fun that comes with it.”   - Emily Jones

“States means a new and better year for robotics. It means better opportunities for teammates in the future because people will be more inclined to join the team when they hear we made it to states. It also means that we have improved as a team so much from scoring around 24th every year, to going to States. I am very proud of my drive team and the rest of everyone on the team. I have no doubts we will score highly in states.”  - William Foss

Principal Chase had this to say about the teams great accomplishment, “We are very proud of 10180 BrainSTEM and the hard work that they have put in this year.  These students work so very hard to excel in this competition and it shows.  The skills and lessons they are learning will be with them for the rest of their lives.”