Student Support Network Grows

Hemlock Public School District has worked to grow a robust student support system. With the complexity of the world students are growing up in, they need more help and support. 

Board President Matt Wesener said, “We have often talked about providing opportunities for students both inside and outside of the classroom.  Having all of these support resources in place is equally as important as we look at a wholistic student experience.”

The school district has worked to develop a team of trained and skilled professionals to help students navigate their day-to-day life and  life beyond K-12. 

  • Certified Counselors (NT, MS, and HS)
  • Social Worker (MSW, primarily SpEd)
  • Social Worker (BSW, K-4) 
  • Nurse (RN, K-12) 
  • College and Career Navigators (MS and HS) 
  • Mental Health Practitioner (K-12 as needed, primarily MS, and HS)

The above is in addition to our SISD ancillary staff, that work as a school psychologist, speech therapists, and more.