Investing in People

We at Hemlock Public School District believe that our best and strongest assets are our people, and so we act accordingly and invest in our team's growth, both individually and collectively. 

 Board President Matt Wesener said, “The employees of Hemlock Schools are what helps differentiate Hemlock as a fantastic district.  Investing in those people ensures our success now and in the future.”

 Recently, we hosted a training with our partners at Dale Carnegie focused on customer service and how to manage conflict. Those attending were building principals, secretaries, head custodians, the tech department, the central office, and more. 

 The school district has partnered with a third-party to conduct a customer service audit during the 2022-2023 school year; to help identify strengths and opportunities for growth as well as provide training as needed. As a district, we are committed to providing the best school experience to our students and their families.