Summer Greetings, 

It is hard to believe, but it is August, and that means the start of school is just around the corner, with our school buildings hosting an open house on Wednesday, August 17th, and the first day for students on Monday, August 22nd. 

Tomorrow, August 2nd, voters in our community will see two items on the ballot that impact Hemlock Public School District. The first is our non-homestead operational millage. 

Michigan public school districts are required by law to periodically ask voters to approve an 18-mill levy on the non-homestead property as a result of Proposal A. This millage does not affect primary homeowners. This operating millage is a non-homestead tax, which means it only applies to businesses, second properties, or homes, not a taxpayer's home.

The second is a request by Saginaw ISD for a special education millage. If approved by voters, this would put an end to invoices for ancillary services that would allow the district to redirect $300-400k.

We are asking that you get to the polls on Tuesday, August 2. Please help to spread the word that our non-homestead has no tax increase for taxpayers and only affects businesses, and second properties/homes are affected. This is not a tax increase. 

All the best,  

 Don Killingbeck, Ed.D. 


(989) 642-5282 


August Election 2022