Dear Huskie Pack,

Among the best parts of my job is the honor of being part of our graduation ceremony for our outstanding students. In May, ninety-one students completed one part of their educational journey, crossing the stage at Hemlock High School to the applause of their gathered friends and families. The Class of 2022 earned well over a million dollars in scholarships to advance their post-secondary education.

Fast forward, and now, it seems that summer is on the downward slope with band camp, fall athletics, and the start of school around the corner. Some may think that summers are a slow time for K-12 schools, but don't say that near a member of our custodial or maintenance crew. These key team members have been working extra hard to have our classrooms and school buildings ready for the start of school this fall.

We do have an important date coming up at the polls; on August 2nd, voters of Hemlock Public School District will be voting on two items that will impact the school district. The first is a non-homestead operational renewal. This is required by the State of Michigan and, if not passed, will reduce our operational budget by 1.7 million dollars. The second is a Saginaw ISD special education mileage that, if approved, would reduce costs and bills that the district currently pays to the tune of $300-$400k annually and nearly $4 million over the next 10 years.

Thank you for your passion for our students and Hemlock Public School District. Our Huskie Pack is strong because of students, alumni, families, and the community as a whole who continue to share our story and advocate for our mission. I am grateful for you, and I hope to thank you in person sometime soon.

Until then, be safe, be well; all the best,

Don Killingbeck, Ed.D.

Superintendent HPSD

Go Huskies!