Improved Credit Rating

Moody’s Investors Services recently reviewed and upgraded Hemlock Public School District from an A2 to A1 rating. Moody’s cited the district’s strong fiscal operations as demonstrated by reserves and liquidity, also mentioning the rapid debt amortization.

Board President Matt Wesener said, “It is exciting to see that the years of hard work centered around financial responsibility and oversight have been recognized by Moody’s and put Hemlock Public Schools in such a great financial position.  I would like to thank all of the district employees for helping us get where we are today and ensuring the future success of our great district!

In addition to mentioning strong fiscal management, the Moody’s Investors Services also highlighted the strength of our local economy in the Hemlock community. That rating is part of the process as the district works to facilitate the sale of bonds approved by the voters of the school district in May 2022. The improved rating makes Hemlock Public School District bonds more desirable to investors and will yield a better outcome for our upcoming sale.

“This improved score reflects teamwork and dedication by all facets of the school district and exceptional oversight of the Board of Education”, said Superintendent Don Killingbeck.