Hemlock, MI – Hemlock Public School District Board of Education hosted their annual Budget hearing followed by a Special Meeting to conduct business on Wednesday, June 15th.

The final budget amendment for 2021-2022 was better than originally expected, with revenue exceeding expenses by nearly $250,000. The outlook for the proposed 2022-2023 budget is conservative but does have the district spending nearly $200,000 in reserves if necessary. Director of Business Operations and Human Resources Anna Wamack explained to the Board this improved forecast was due to increased revenue which was greater than expenses.

The Board of Education adopted a conservative, balanced budget for the 2022-23 school year while investing in properly staffing classrooms and school buildings, providing curricular resources, increasing opportunities for students, and leading the region and State in instructional technology.

Superintendent, Don Killingbeck, said, “We have a great group of employees that have worked together to keep the district mission/vision of innovate, collaborate, educate a community of learners at the forefront, always working to keep our motto “Kids First” the focus. This focus has helped the district, as many families have selected Hemlock Public School District as a destination over the last few years.”

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