June 1, 2022 
Contacts: Matt Wesener, Board President or Don Killingbeck, Superintendent

Hemlock, MI – On behalf of everyone at Hemlock Public School District, thank you to the voters of our community for approving the May 3rd bond election. This unprecedented level of support and trust will help launch our school district and community forward for decades and will positively impact every student, every classroom, every building, the district, and the community.

The question on everyone's mind is, now what? or even when? The May 3rd election is a multi-series bond with monies generated from the sale of these bonds originally planned to occur three separate times over the next few years, along with the work following the funding. This is one of the reasons we selected a May election to ensure if approved, that we would have enough time to plan, design, bid, and construct projects most cost-effectively in round one of the series.

Board President Matt Wesener said, "We are so excited about the successful bond renewal. It will do so much for the schools, community, and, most importantly, the children for many years to come. It will allow us to positively impact almost every facet of the district. While we are excited about the future, we are even more thankful for the continued support of the community and, of course, the many fantastic volunteers who put in countless hours to help make this all possible."

The district's architect firm Tower Pinkster and construction management firm Wolgast Corporation are working to develop plans with construction beginning in the summer of 2023. Currently, the plan focuses mainly on Hemlock Elementary and K.C. Ling Elementary to kick off the projects, given the limited funding available from the proceeds of the first series of bonds. 

When work starts at Hemlock High School, current schedules have it continuing for approximately 30 months with major construction, including a new competition gym and theatre and other renovations.

Several projects are in the works for summer 2022 that students will see when returning to school next fall.

  • Renovating remaining classrooms K-8 with paint and carpet.
  • K.C. Ling outdoor learning spaces, asphalt around back updated, new roof over the current gym, daylight in windowless rooms, the library makeover complete, and select classroom furniture.
  • M.S. outdoor learning spaces, bathroom renovations, and select classroom furniture.
  • H.S. new roof over band room, select spaces for updated flooring

We continue to define the list of projects for summer 2023, but there is likely to be a smaller amount of funds from our series one bond proceeds.

In addition to the work, community members often ask when the next school election or opportunity to vote on school matters. Here is the information we currently have on hand:

Coming up next is the August 2022 renewal of our non-homestead 18 operational mills that is voted on every four years. These 18 mills are required for schools to pass as part of the structure of our operational budgets and affect second homes and businesses. The State of Michigan deducts these funds from our per-pupil funding, assuming that every school in the State has these approved by their community.

August 2022 is also the Saginaw ISD Special Education Millage. This millage is countywide, but if approved, would positively impact Hemlock Public School District students and free up dollars that would be redirected to student programming and services.

As of right now, other than voting every four years on non-homestead 18 operational millage, and in 2030 when there is an opportunity for the school district to seek a renewal of the current one-mill sinking fund, there is nothing else in the current forecast. 

For more information about this or other positive happenings, visit us on the web at, or please feel free to call (989) 642-5282.