We continue to review and update our protocols as we partner with Saginaw County Health Department. Our focus remains on keeping everyone safe and providing the best educational opportunities to our students. 

Per the latest guidance, If someone tests positive, they will need to quarantine for five days and return to school on day six wearing a mask through day ten. We will only close contact trace when there is an outbreak (3 or more in a classroom/team) or a positive case in the family. 

While contact tracing will be limited if someone is fully vaccinated and exposed, it's recommended that they mask for ten days and test on day five but not required (mask/test) to attend school. When someone is not fully vaccinated and exposed, they will have the option to quarantine or test on days 1, 3, and 5 while wearing a mask for ten days. 

We continue to ask that everyone conduct daily health screening and that sick people stay home. Please understand these protocols are subject to change, but this is the framework we are working within right now. 

Until we see each other again, be safe, be well, all the best, 

Don Killingbeck Jr., Ed.D., Superintendent  

Note, fully vaccinated per the guidelines of the SCHD