Greetings Huskie Pack: 

This past month our schools and community were filled with an unparalleled holiday spirit and cheer as we celebrated together. We hosted several amazing events for students, families, and staff from our Christmas Band Concert, Kindergarten performance, Huskie Wrestling Invitational, Partnership Tailgate for Staff, and saw the start of the winter basketball season. 

Our Huskie Pack continues to pull the sled and works hard to provide outstanding educational opportunities to our students and service to our families and community. As educators, our team is constantly reviewing, aligning, and allocating resources to improve our curriculum to ensure that students receive the best education possible. We have expanded student support and partnered with Paper.co to offer online tutoring 24/7/365 to grades 7 through 11. 

As a school district, we continue to navigate an ever-changing world as it relates to COVID-19, working to keep our students, staff, and community safe. Our focus remains on providing the best possible education and experience for all parties involved.

Moving forward in 2022, we have a bigger and bolder vision for our school district and our students. We have worked hand in hand with our stakeholders in crafting our strategic and master plan; like pages of a good novel, these future pages of our story are meant to be read. However, you choose to support our Huskie Pack; we appreciate all you do for our students and Hemlock Public School District. 

Join me in recognizing our school board as we join the Michigan Association of School Boards in celebrating school board appreciation month. 

Until we talk again, be safe, be well, all the best, 

Don Killingbeck, Superintendent 

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