Hemlock, MI- Team work, dedication, and service to students, families, and the community is in part what set’s the Huskie Pack apart from other school districts. The district takes a servant leadership perspective and works to serve students, families, and the community using teamwork and dedication and a high degree of attention to detail.

Board President, Matt Wesener says, “Our ability to serve the students and people within our community is a point of pride.  It is amazing to see how we have continued to drive growth and development within the district even through some very challenging times.  This is of course a reflection of all the employees within the district and their efforts to help pull the sled.” 

See a need, fill a need is our mantra as the district works to prepare students for their future, not our past. Although the district is a regional leader with instructional technology the focus on interpersonal skills and instilling the good graces of grandparents is just as much a focus.

The district is currently updating its strategic plan but maintains four major goals.

·        Curriculum and Instruction. Ensure that curriculum is reviewed, updated as needed, focusing on the future. Embrace a modern curriculum for student success that includes S.T.E.A.M. as part of the process.  Review and align assessment schedules with the needs of teachers and students.

·        Fiscal Management. Be fiscally responsible working to maintain a stable fund balance while investing in determined priorities in a sustainable manner. Continue to effectively brand and stay above annual declining enrollment projections.

·        Relationships. Encourage all stakeholders to be involved in the process of continued innovation. Continue to strengthen relations with employees i.e., cause for applause and other ways of honoring their hard work and dedication.

·         Building and Grounds. Review and consider innovative usage(s) for spaces. Prepare for future facility needs.

Superintendent, Dr. Don Killingbeck said, “The strength of our relationships has allowed us to make so much progress and pull the sled further and faster than ever thought possible. We are blessed with such a great team and pack!”

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