Hemlock, MI- Everyone has heard of the scams for sending money to your favorite Nigerian prince, but scammers are constantly evolving their methods to gain access to your personal information or money. Read the story below, learn what to look out for, learn how to report it, and share this with your friends and families to raise awareness.


STEP 1: Contact

This scam began as an innocent phone call from a “large company” reporting a fraudulent payment and they would like to refund the user. 

STEP 2: Computer connection

The scammer requests access to your computer to walk you through the process. The scammer will use a wide variety of software until finding one that will work.

STEP 3: Banking Website 

The scammer says that in order to complete the refund they will need you to log in to your bank account.

STEP 4: Fake Transaction

The scammer then “completes a transfer”, but states they accidentally deposited way too much money and states that they will lose their job if you don’t correct it.

STEP 5: Send Cash

The scammer says you must go to the bank to withdraw cash and mail it to their address. This is the preferred method as it can not be tracked.


  • Be weary of unknown phone numbers

  • Big companies don’t call  you

  • NEVER allow a stranger to connect to your computer

  • Scammer says they will lose their job if you don’t help them

  • Scammer says you must not talk to anyone about this


Oops, the scammer got access to your computer and bank account, how do you resolve this? First contact your bank immediately and they will walk you through securing your account. Second, contact a local technology repair company or if this occurred at work, the IT department and they will help secure your computer. Third, reset all account passwords associated with your computer, bank accounts, and website logins. Fourth, report to the police. Fifth, report it to the FTC here: reportfraud.ftc.gov.

Share this information with your friends and family to help them avoid being the next victim. 

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