Hemlock MI – The mission and vision of Hemlock Public School District is to innovate, collaborate, and educate our community of learners. This is part of our organizational DNA and our history to develop and maintain collaborative partnerships such as our partnership with Hemlock Semi-Conductor, and Healthcare Industries Materials Site which spans decades. 

This long-term collaborative relationship which has endured through multiple organizational changes, good times and bad times is believed to be the longest lasting school and business partnership in the State of Michigan

Superintendent Don Killingbeck said, “We are fortunate to have world renowned businesses that partner with our school district in support of students.”

 The history of the partnership is difficult to find but it is believed to have started the second half of the 20th century and has always worked to support student learning and achievement.

The partnership meets quarterly to review the current budget, request for funds, and provide updates for each organization. The partnership helps support several programs, including fine arts (band and drama), honor programs (NJHS/NHS), STEM/STEAM education (Robotics, Zoo School), Employee Appreciation, and so much more.

School Board of Education President, Matt Wesener said, "The Partnership with Delta creates a tremendous opportunity for those students who are motivated to get a jump start on their college education.  It has been a great program for so many students to date with a huge financial savings benefit as well.” 

For more information about this or other positive happenings contact Hemlock Public School District at (989) 642-5282.