Dear Huskie Pack,

Fall has officially arrived, and there is no better place to celebrate the autumn season than here at Hemlock Public School District. This past month was an excellent time to reflect and celebrate. Here are just a few examples of the exciting ways we came together this past month: 

  • Friday Night Lights @ Wallace Field
  • Cafe Murder @ Judy Turner Black Box Theatre 
  • MS Robotics @ Lockwood STEM Center 
  • Community Conversations 

We officially welcomed the Moltus Group to our community, and it is exciting to see our school and our whole community pulling the sled. Students, faculty, and staff prepared a full calendar of events and activities, including performances, games, guest speakers, and more. We have always been known as a caring and supportive campus, a community that lifts each other up and celebrates the success and differences of others.  As we look ahead, we are excited about things like: 

  • Community Conversation, 11/4/21 
  • Senior Citizen Thanksgiving Dinner 
  • Grand Opening of the Mary Ann Ling Governance and Professional Learning Center.

Our school district continues to be recognized as a destination for learning, community, and so much more. Our pack is showing the way for so many others as we lead in innovation, collaboration, and education.   

There are so many reasons to celebrate and take pride in our school community. Below I have shared a few links to our website and social media that include stories and images that I hope will inspire you. Every day there are new reasons to be thankful and inspired. I hope you will stay in touch and learn about them all. 

Thank you for your continued engagement with HPSD. We are happy to call you part of our community! 

Until we see each other again, be safe, be well, all the best, 


Don Killingbeck, Ed.D.