Hemlock Public School District has been a destination for senior citizens during the month of November for more than half a century.

The school district started hosting the Thanksgiving Dinner for seniors in 1971 as a way of honoring and thanking them for supporting the children of the community. This year’s event will mark the 50th Annual Thanksgiving Dinner which was missed last year due to COVID-19 restrictions.

Superintendent Killingbeck said “This is one of the best events of the year, it is great to connect with our senior citizens and share a good meal.”

This year that enduring tradition of honoring and thanking our senior citizens continues. The district is excited to host the annual dinner on Friday, November 12th from 1-3 PM at Hemlock Middle School.

Each year the district works with generous areal businesses and individuals to provide prizes to those in attendance. If you or your business would like to take part or you know a Hemlock senior citizen and they did not get an invite, please contact us at (989) 642-5282.

Board President Matt Wesener said “We often talk about the importance of being connected with the community.  This is a fantastic event that truly helps to build that relationship and the fact that it’s been happening for 50 years is an amazing milestone!”

For more information about this or other positive happenings contact Hemlock Public School District at (989) 642-5282