Future of Hemlock

Hemlock, MI – The Hemlock Board of Education has an eye on the future and has partnered up with Tower Pinkster, one of the top architecture firms in the State of Michigan to help develop a master plan for the district. Mark your calendar for the next meeting on Thursday, October 7th at 6 PM. 

So far, the district has assembled various stakeholders together on Monday, August 30th and Thursday, September 9th to discuss what the district should like 3 to 30 years from now. 

Director of Friend Raising and Special Projects, Tom Lockwood said, “Imagining a better and brighter future for our students, staff, families, and community is an important part of this ongoing conversation.” 

The firm has walked the campus and has placed eyes on all our facilities and outdoor spaces to develop a preliminary plan. They presented their vision for a master plan to the Board of Education at a recent workshop. The preliminary work will help foster the ongoing conversation with community members, parents, staff, and students as we work to gather and utilize all our stakeholders’ voices in the process of creating a master plan. 

Hemlock Public School District wants to honor our past, carrying our rich traditions forward while preparing students for their future. The district has done a lot of work in recent years to become a destination district for families and potential employees. The district has worked to update K-12 curriculum and teaching materials, become a regional leader in technology, and continues to work to enhance student experience. 

Board President Matt Wesener said, “We have a tremendous responsibility in working with the community and all stakeholders to define the Hemlock experience for the next 20 years.  We look forward to these next steps as we focus on creating opportunities for all students.”

The process in developing a facility and campus master plan will be ongoing and carrying into the fall of 2021. This process will also dovetail with the school district’s strategic plan update which will be worked on this fall as well. The next meeting is scheduled for Thursday, October 7th at 6 PM at the Lockwood STEM Center. 

For more information about this or other positive happenings at Hemlock Public School District  give us a call at (989) 642-5282.