Celebrating Growing Pains

The Hemlock Public School District continues to be a destination for families seeking the best educational opportunities for their children.

The school district is excited to announce that student enrollment has exceeded reasonable expectations to the point of considering grade level positioning for the 2018-19 school year.

Board of Education President Dr. Ellison said, “We are excited to see the district growing and to be using up the open space in our buildings, again.”

In 2012, the district moved 2nd grade to K.C. Ling, and restructured in 2014, moving kindergarten and first grade to K.C. Ling.  Kindergarten enrollment has since remained consistent and increased for the last two school years, which required additional classrooms to be set up.

The Board of Education will formally approve the grade realignment at their regular June meeting.  Meanwhile, district and building leaders are letting staff know so that we all can start preparing accordingly for this pleasing endeavor.

Superintendent Don Killingbeck said, “The district continues to innovate, grow, and collaborate with parents and stakeholders. The future of Hemlock Public School District and the Hemlock community is better and brighter.”

For the 2018-19 school year, K.C. Ling Elementary will be home to grades 1 through 4, with Hemlock Elementary being home to childcare, preschool, young five, and now Kindergarten.

Principal Lori Gensch said, “We are extremely excited about the increase in enrollment within our district and the opportunities this provides. This will allow us to bring even more smiling faces through the doors of Hemlock Elementary.”

The district encourages parents that are still considering educational options for their children for the 2018-19 school year to schedule a tour with the building principal(s).

Elementary: (989) 642-5221 (Principal Gensch)-Infant/Childcare/Preschool/Y5

K.C. Ling: (989) 642-5235 (Principal Gensch)-K-4th grade            

Middle School: (989) 642-5253 (Principal Keyser)-5-8th grade

High School: (989) 642-5287 (Principal Green)-9- 12th/AltEd