Pictured Above-First Place Poster created by Brooke Matthias

 The Hemlock Huskies school color-blue continues to grow a shade of green. The Hemlock Public School District received a grant from the Department of Environmental Quality to educate and promote recycling on campus and in the community.

Board of Education President, Dr. Ellison said, “This grant affords Hemlock the opportunity to take better care of our environment for future generations and creates a wonderful occasion for students to learn why this is important.”

The school district sponsored a recycling promotion campaign to encourage students to share their ideas, thoughts, and have their voice include in the recycling efforts.

At the regular May Board of Education meeting award recipients were recognized. The award recipients for the 2018 Recycling Competition are as follows:

Grade K-3: Coloring Contest

1st Place-Tucker Suppes

2nd Place- Emma Jaremba

Honorable Mention, Cole Romain

Grade 4-6: Recycling Logo

1st Place-Kiley Brady

2nd Place-Sophia Hauffe

Honorable Mention, Lyndsey Lyscas

Grade 7-12: Recycling Poster

1st Place-Brooke Matthias

2nd Place-Rebecca Willour

Honorable Mention, Page Walle and

Haylee Bauer

Grade 7-12: Recycling Poem

1st Place-Andrew Knoll

2nd Place-Ann Piotrowski

Honorable Mention, Nicole Camp


Grade 7-12: Recycling Essay

1st Place-Hannah Near

2nd Place-Seth Byrne


Grade 7-12: Recycling Video

1st Place-Chris Kaufmann

2nd Place-Alexander Twigg

Honorable Mention-Emiliano Flores

The district continues to be a leader in innovation, collaboration, and education.  The school district is advocating to reduce waste, reuse materials whenever possible, and to recycle.

Superintendent Killingbeck said, “This a wonderful opportunity for our students and staff. It helps cultivate stewardship of the environment and community.”