MS Expands Opportunities

Hemlock Middle School Expanding Students’ Horizons

Hemlock Middle School is expanding students’ academic and career horizons with the addition of new classes to the curriculum.  New this year is a class schedule that expands to seven periods from the previous six periods, with new classes offered including Science Alive! (hand-on experiences), Great Moments in History, Digital Photography, Foods and Understanding Nutrition, Wood Projects and Design for 6th - 8th graders, Logical Reasoning, Google CS FIRST and Robotics, and Physics of Flight, and Computer Coding.

Principal, Terry Keyser says, “This new schedule and new courses will give our students the opportunity to do things here at school that they have never been able to do before--learn computer programming, build and operate robots, cook nutritious meals, experience science concepts in person, and become expert thinkers and doers.  The classes are rooted in the Common Core State Standards to support regular course objectives in new and exciting ways.”  

These classes are offered across grades 5-8 and will be expanded and modified in the coming years to allow for progression of skills across the grade levels--this is just a starting block for the future.

 Science teacher, Kyle Wilkowski says of the new schedule and course, “This is a terrific opportunity for our students to learn about and do wonderful new things!”