Huskies Turning Green

The Hemlock Huskie blue may be turning a shade of green. The Hemlock Public School District recently received a grant from the Department of Environmental Quality to educate and promote recycling on campus and in the community.

Board of Education President Dr. Ellison said, "This grant affords Hemlock the opportunity to take better care of our environment for future generations and creates a wonderful occasion for students to learn why this is important."

Department of Environmental Quality award two separate grants, first $6,375 to educate and promote and the second $18,405 to provide the infrastructure for the recycling program. This brings the total to $24,780 to launch and help educate stakeholders.

The district is expecting to have the recycling program in place for the 2017-18 school year when students return. The schools will be advocating, reduce, reuse, and recycle.

Superintendent Don Killingbeck, said, “This a fantastic opportunity for our students and staff. It helps cultivate stewardship of the environment and community.”

If you would like to be a recycling partner leader or have suggestions, concerns, or ideas about the recycling program, please click here.