Hemlock Huskies Robotics Booming

Hemlock Public School’s Robotics’ Team took delivery of a Bridgeport Mill this past month.  It's an oldie but a goodie! Made in America in the 60's this mill has a Digital Read Out (DRO) added and will be producing parts for their 2018 state-of-the-art robots.  This will be a tremendous help for next year’s building season and will provide educational opportunities for the robotics and industrial arts students.

Technology Director and Robotics Mentor, Tom Lockwood said, “We’re adding 3D Printers, programming classes and expanding our CAD offerings. It’s important that while doing so we expand our machining capabilities; not all parts can be made from plastic, so having the ability to accurately machine and weld is necessary. We will add a CNC mill soon so that our future machinist or engineer will get experience drawing a rough sketch, building the 3D object on a Computer in AutoCAD Inventor, create a prototype on a 3D printer and then manufacture the part using computer controlled or manual machining techniques. And then there’s the part where we build and program a robot with these parts – but that’s a whole different story!”

This is just another example of how Hemlock Public School District’s vision is creating new and exciting learning opportunities for our students.

Hemlock Robotics Program is always looking for additional mentors, sponsors, and donations. If you would be interested in partnering with the program do not hesitate to contact lead mentor Tom Lockwood at (989) 642-5282 or via email at lockwood@hemlockps.com