There is an important vote on the ballot for the Tuesday, February 27th election for the voters of the Hemlock Public School District. This millage is a significant part of our school district’s funding, contributing over $1.8 million to our annual operating budget. The district has worked to communicate about the election over the last few months to ensure that voters have the information that they need. 

We are required and limited to levy 18 mills, with this vote being for a ten-year duration. We were advised to have language that would take into account the Headlee amendment, which could potentially reduce the 18 mills. Regardless of the ballot language, Hemlock Public School District WILL NOT LEVY more than 18 mills by law.  To better understand this, please listen to the Huskie Pack Podcast  episode. The explanation starts at 10 minutes and 15 seconds of this episode: Huskie Pack Podcast

Key Points About the Millage Renewal:

  • The ballot will propose the renewal of the non-homestead millage.
  • This millage is levied on commercial, industrial, and rental properties, not on owner-occupied homes.
  • The renewal is crucial for maintaining our current educational programs and facilities.
  • The millage represents significant funding, equivalent to maintaining numerous resources and staff within our district.
  • All Hemlock Public School District residents are eligible to vote on this matter, regardless of whether the millage directly impacts their property taxes.

Questions and Contact: For any inquiries regarding the millage or the upcoming election, please feel free to contact Anna Wamack, our Director of Business Operations and Human Resources, at (989) 642-5282. As we look forward to the holiday season and the new year, I encourage everyone to stay informed and participate in the upcoming election. Your engagement is vital for the continued success of our school district. 

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