Snowfest 2024

Since 2009, Hemlock High School has been a prominent participant in the esteemed Zehnder Snowfest carving competition in Frankenmuth, Michigan, consistently showcasing exceptional talent and teamwork.

Throughout the festival, Hemlock High School's three carving teams showcased exceptional talent and creativity, crafting enormous and stunningly detailed sculptures that reflected the school's spirit and values. 

The JV team, consisting of Morgan Metiva, Rosie Sparling, Nellie Maltby, and Grace Murtha, and coached by RaeAnne Woodcock, sculpted a delightful duo of otters sharing an embrace, a nod to our need for each other, aptly entitled, “Friendship”. The Varsity team, made up of Lydia Olinger, Lilly Spillane, Makenna Church, and Adelia Breternitz, and coached by Hemlock Alumni Gavin Briggs and assisted by RaeAnn Woodcock, fashioned an enormous flower with a bee nestled on top. This tribute to the importance of mental health and the significance of human life was titled “A Small Thing”. The State team, consisting of Ana Rodriquez, Ashlynn Wrona, and Daniel Killingbeck, and coached by Hemlock Alumni Madeline Spillane, paid tribute to the thousands of Navy mariners who sacrificed their lives during World War II with their snow statue “Eternal Patrol”.

Teacher and coach RaeAnn Woodcock, who has been guiding the Hemlock team since its inception, shared her thoughts on the team's journey: "Our students have shown incredible dedication and creativity year after year. Their achievements at the Snowfest are a testament to the team's hard work and commitment to their craft. It's a joy to see them turn blocks of snow into stunning art."

Zehnder Snowfest is not just a competition; it's a celebration of creativity and community spirit. Our students' continued involvement is a source of pride for the entire Hemlock community. It's inspiring to see our alumni return to compete in the States division, further showcasing the lasting impact of our school's programs.

The Hemlock High School teams’ participation in the Zehnder Snowfest carving event is a shining example of the school's dedication to promoting artistic and collaborative skills among its students. The school looks forward to many more years of participation and success in this prestigious event.