Hemlock, January 29, 2024 – The Hemlock Public School District is pleased to announce a significant commitment to the whole child and early childhood education as Mr. Cory Snider assumes the role of full-time Principal at Hemlock Elementary School. This promotion reflects the district's commitment to academic excellence and holistic student development.

Having previously served as the Elementary School Principal while concurrently holding the position of District Athletic Director, Mr. Snider will now exclusively focus on leading Hemlock Elementary toward new heights of academic achievement and student growth as we focus on the whole child.

Matt Wesener, President of the Board of Education, stated, "Cory Snider's journey from Elementary School Principal to now serving exclusively in this role exemplifies our commitment to academic excellence and student development. We are proud to see our district's leadership evolve and adapt to better serve our students."

Mr. Snider's contributions as both the Elementary School Principal and Athletic Director have been exemplary. His leadership, dedication, and unwavering commitment to creating a positive and enriching educational experience for every student have been recognized and applauded by the district.

During his tenure as the Elementary School Principal, Cory Snider has achieved notable successes, fostered a collaborative leadership approach, and demonstrated a deep understanding of the unique needs of the Hemlock community. As he takes on the role of full-time Principal, the district has full confidence that he will continue to inspire students and provide an environment conducive to growth and academic excellence.

Superintendent Killingbeck, adds, "Mr. Snider's unwavering dedication to our district and his impressive leadership as both the Elementary School Principal and District Athletic Director have been truly commendable. We are excited about the positive changes this transition will bring to our educational community."

Principal Snider, in expressing his enthusiasm for this new chapter, stated, "I am deeply honored to continue serving as the full-time Principal of Hemlock Elementary School. The strong foundation we've built together provides a solid platform for our future success. I eagerly anticipate working closely with our dedicated staff, parents, and students to cultivate a positive learning environment and drive continuous improvement. While I take on this new role, I am equally proud and grateful for the successes we have achieved with our student-athletes, coaches, and programs during my time as Athletic Director. Rest assured, I am committed to ensuring a smooth transition for our athletic stakeholders, and I do not doubt that we will continue to 'Pull the Sled' together."

In addition to this exciting announcement, the Hemlock Public School District is currently in the process of reviewing how a new Athletic Director would best fit within its administrative structure. This strategic step underscores the district's dedication to the continued success of the whole child and all of our programming.