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Hemlock Public School District is thrilled to announce the Board of Education's approval to proceed at their regular January meeting with significant renovations at Hemlock High School, following the expert recommendations of their construction management partner, Wolgast Corporation. This ambitious project includes the construction of a new high school gymnasium, theatre, and additional state-of-the-art facilities.

Board President Matt Wesener stated, "This is a monumental moment for our community and students. The new facilities, including the gymnasium and theatre, are not just buildings – they are a testament to our dedication to excellence in education and our belief in the limitless potential of our students."

The Board of Education, in collaboration with Wolgast Corporation, has reviewed and approved the Requests for Proposals (RFPs) for these renovations. This decision marks a pivotal step in enhancing the district's commitment to providing a world-class education through top-tier facilities.

Superintendent Don Killingbeck expressed excitement about the project: "These enhancements at Hemlock High School are more than just physical improvements. They represent our commitment to nurturing a dynamic and engaging learning environment. We are setting a new standard for educational excellence in the region."

The new gymnasium and theatre, along with the additional upgrades, are designed to meet the growing needs of the student body and the community. These facilities will provide ample opportunities for students to excel in sports, arts, and various extracurricular activities, further enriching their educational experience.

The Hemlock Public School District extends its gratitude to the Board of Education, Wolgast Corporation, Tower Pinkster, and all stakeholders involved in bringing this vision to life. The district eagerly anticipates the positive impact these developments will have on current and future generations of students.