Giants Gariglio

Amidst the notes and melodies that make up the symphony of our school district's narrative, there are those whose harmonious influence still resonates. Today, as we continue our Giants series, we pay tribute to a remarkable figure - Larry Gariglio.

Larry was more than a leader; he was a father, husband, Marine, and the Superintendent of Hemlock Public School District for two decades. Leading with passion, he dedicated his career to the pursuit of excellence in education. Larry was not only a trailblazer in his profession but also in his own family, being the first to earn a college degree.

Born and raised in the bustling hub of Detroit, Larry's love for fishing, hunting, and skiing persisted and the pull of the north was undeniable. After graduating from Central Michigan University in 1961, he embarked on his teaching career in the Saginaw Township Schools. Together with his wife, Sissy, he made Hemlock his home, where they raised their three children. In 1969, he assumed the role of Hemlock's Superintendent.

Many in our community fondly recall Larry's visits to Frost Restaurant, gathering at the "round table" with local friends and checking road conditions during winter. His kind and approachable demeanor endeared him to all. Larry was a visionary who championed the integration of technology during its early stages. His instrumental role in the renovation and construction of new schools within our district reshaped the landscape of education.

Larry's leadership was marked by collaboration with outstanding administrators such as Rye, Bauman, Spadaro, Redifer, Rick, Madaleno, and Benford. The dedicated school board, including individuals like Wardin, Madden, Manzoni, Krueger, Beyersdorf, Gudaitis, Sanford, Turner, Campbell, Dupuis, and many others, worked alongside him to advance our educational mission.

Larry possessed the rare ability to inspire through sound decisions and a genuinely kind and honest personality. He left an indomitable legacy of leadership, motivation, and accomplishment. His passing in 1989 left an irreplaceable void in our community, a testament to the deep admiration, respect, and love that the community held for this extraordinary man. In 2014, with the assistance of a memorial fund established in his honor and to the delight of the community, the High School theatre was named the Lawrence Gariglio Auditorium.

Today, we express our profound gratitude to Larry Gariglio for the lasting impact he made on our community. We are privileged to stand on his shoulders as we continue to uphold the values of education, leadership, and community that he so passionately championed.

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