Kenneth C. Ling

In the tapestry of our school district's history, there are those whose contributions remain etched in the very core of our community. Today, as we continue our Giants series, we pay tribute to a true luminary - Dr. Kenneth C. Ling.

A distinguished graduate of Hemlock High School in the mid-1930s, Dr. Ling's journey was one of service and dedication. After earning his medical degree from Wayne University Medical School in 1942, he answered the call of duty during World War II, serving in the US Navy Medical Corps in the Pacific Theater, where he was commissioned as a lieutenant (junior grade).

Upon his return, Dr. Ling became an integral part of our community. For 26 years, he practiced medicine in Hemlock, touching the lives of countless individuals with his expertise and compassion. His commitment to the well-being of our community extended beyond the examination room.

Dr. Ling was a tireless advocate for our community's health and education. He worked diligently to ensure that children entered school without the burden of health defects, demonstrating his wholehearted commitment to their future. He served as a charter member and President of Hemlock's Lions Club, a trustee of the Hemlock State Bank, and a devoted member of the Hemlock Methodist Church, where he played a pivotal role in the Men's Club. Additionally, he served on the Hemlock Public Schools Board of Education for 11 years.

Former Superintendent Larry Gariglio aptly noted, "Dr. Ling believed sincerely in the concept of service and worked quietly and modestly to help wherever he was needed: whether at home, in his church, on the school board, in his local service organization, or in the role as a physician to the community of Hemlock. Because Dr. Ling liked people and truly respected them, he was uniquely able to serve his fellow man..." 

Dr. Kenneth C. Ling's legacy is a testament to the power of selfless service and a deep commitment to his community. He labored tirelessly in his medical practice and contributed boundlessly to the betterment of our school district. His passing at the age of 56 on June 13, 1972, left a void that could never be filled. In 1975, the K.C. Ling Elementary School was opened on the campus of Hemlock Public School District, a lasting reminder of his passion for education and people.

Today, we express our deepest gratitude to Dr. Kenneth C. Ling for the enduring impact he made on our community. We stand on his shoulders, inspired by his legacy of service, and committed to continuing the work he began.

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