HPSD Collage

The Hemlock Public School District is thrilled to announce its remarkable and unprecedented growth in response to the surging demand for high-quality education. As parents increasingly seek an exceptional learning environment for their children, Hemlock Public School District has risen to the occasion by expanding its resources and offerings to create a comprehensive K-12 and beyond educational program. 

Board President Matt Wesener said, "I am thrilled to witness our district's exceptional growth in response to the increasing demand for quality education. Our commitment to fostering academic excellence, nurturing creative expression, and promoting holistic development remains steadfast as we embark on this exciting journey of expansion and innovation."

In recent years, the Hemlock Public School District has become a beacon of excellence, attracting families from far and wide who are dedicated to securing the finest education for their children. This surge in demand has led to an exciting expansion, allowing the district to open additional sections across various grade levels. Kindergarten, Third Grade, and Fifth/Sixth Grade now boast increased teacher numbers, ensuring that every student benefits from personalized attention and support.

Academic excellence remains the cornerstone of Hemlock Public School District's mission. With a commitment to fostering critical thinking, problem-solving skills, and a love for learning, the district prides itself on providing a rigorous curriculum that prepares students for success in an ever-evolving world.

Arts and Enrichment Programs hold a special place in the district's heart. From music and art to STEAM initiatives, students are encouraged to explore their creative sides, nurturing their talents and broadening their horizons. Hemlock Public School District firmly believes that a well-rounded education encompasses not only academic prowess but also the ability to express oneself through the arts.

Athletics and Extracurricular Activities are celebrated as avenues for physical and personal growth. The district offers a diverse range of extracurricular opportunities, including theater, robotics, and athletics. These activities foster teamwork, leadership, and a sense of discipline, equipping students with essential life skills beyond the classroom.

"We are immensely proud of the strides we have taken to meet the increasing demand for high-quality education. Our commitment to fostering a safe and enriching learning environment remains unwavering. We are dedicated to nurturing our students' minds, talents, and characters, preparing them to excel in all facets of life," said Superintendent Don Killingbeck.

As the Hemlock Public School District enters this new era of expansion and excellence, it invites parents, students, and community members to join in its journey. The district — will continue to shape young minds, empowering them to become well-rounded, forward-thinking individuals poised to make a positive impact on the world.