Carl Giant

As we traverse the annals of our school's history, we come across luminous figures whose contributions have etched an indelible mark on our community. Today, in our "Standing on the Shoulders of Giants" series, we celebrate an extraordinary individual whose passion for music education has enriched countless lives - Carl Gippert.

Carl Gippert's journey in education is nothing short of remarkable. Armed with a Bachelor of Music Education and a Master of Music Education and Supervision from Central Michigan University, he pursued advanced studies at prestigious institutions including Northwestern University, the University of Michigan, and the Royal College of Music in Manchester, England.

For over 16 years, Mr. Gippert devoted his talents to the students of Hemlock, leaving an indelible imprint on their musical journey. His dedication was duly recognized as he became a finalist for the Michigan Band Teacher of the Year award, a testament to his commitment to nurturing musical talent and inspiring young minds.

His impact wasn't confined to Hemlock; over 16 years at North Farmington High School, Mr. Gippert's influence continued to flourish. He was named the Michigan School Band and Orchestra Association Orchestra Teacher of the Year, a well-deserved honor that attests to his exceptional leadership in music education.

Carl Gippert's contributions extended beyond the classroom. Active in numerous professional associations such as MSBOA, MASTA, MMEMC, WASBE, ASBDA, and NBA, he continued to shape the landscape of music education through adjudication, guest conducting, and clinics across Michigan. His ensembles consistently earned high accolades at music festivals, both nationally and internationally, leaving audiences in awe of their skill and artistry.

Notably, Mr. Gippert's dedication to music education extended to his roles at camps like Oakland Hills Music Camp and Blue Lake Fine Arts Camp. His leadership shone as he conducted the Blue Lake Fine Arts Camp International Symphony Band on three European tours, contributing to the global resonance of music.

His commitment to education reached far and wide, with contributions including published works, curriculum development, and recognitions such as being listed multiple times in Who's Who Among America's Teachers. Carl Gippert's numerous accolades can be narrowed down to one resounding anthem: his unwavering commitment to the growth and empowerment of students.

During his tenure at Hemlock and other school districts, Carl has written or helped to write numerous grants for equipment and survival of programs through difficult times, and continues to conduct the Blue Water New Horizons String and Chamber Orchestras in Port Huron.

Superintendent Don Killingbeck said “It is an honor to recognize an educational champion and Hemlock legend like Carl Gippert. His time at Hemlock Public School District is filled with tremendous accomplishments.”

As we honor Carl Gippert today, we extend our deepest gratitude for his monumental impact on the lives of countless students. His legacy resonates through the corridors of our schools, the stages of our performances, and the hearts of those who had the privilege of learning under his guidance. Thank you, Mr. Gippert, for your dedication, passion, and enduring influence.

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