Mock interviews

'Innovate, collaborate, and educate a community of learners' is the mission of our district. We intentionally and consistently use these goals to prepare our students for the next steps in their lives and careers. 

One of the ways we prepare our students for life beyond our school walls is by providing them with real-life interviewing opportunities with real-life community volunteers from area businesses. 

“This experience is an amazing opportunity for our students to understand what a real interview will be like. Hemlock students have already built resumes, learned how to apply for positions, and sat through interviews with prospective employers," Hemlock High School Principal Keith Green said, adding, "Hemlock students are ready for that next step”. 

Business Services & Technology is a sophomore class that each student takes every year. These interview skills, along with many other employability skills, are taught yearly to prepare students for their future and make them #LifeReady.

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