The room was filled with wit and wisdom that radiates from a life well lived with years of experience at the Hemlock Public School District's 3rd annual Senior Citizen Bingo. The district has a series of events over the course of each school year focused on connecting our community's seniors with the school. 

  • October: Bingo 
  • November: Thanksgiving Dinner 
  • February: Bingo 
  • April: Hemlock Community Club Senior Spring Brunch (this year, April 22, from 11:30 AM - 1:30 PM)

Board President Matt Wesner notes “We often talk about how the school and community go hand in hand.  This is one of those great events that brings the school and senior community together and everyone always has a great time!” 

Hemlock Public School District has a rich history of serving the community since 1863 and believes that to reach its fullest potential and benefit all stakeholders, we need the opportunity to be engaging and belong. Events like Bingo, Thanksgiving Dinner, and Spring Brunch are our way of bringing people together. 

For those senior residents of Hemlock Public School District that would like to attend our Spring Brunch or be on the invite list for future events, please call 989.642.5282 or email