Do you want to be a teacher? Do you know someone who does? 

We are excited to share with our community that Hemlock Public School District is participating in a program that helps individuals work toward obtaining a teaching certificate and degree through an alternate path. 

We are fortunate to have amazing people in our school district, and we believe many of them would make excellent educators. This program will help make that happen by equipping those with teaching talent with the tools they need to shift into the profession.

While we are in a unique position as a district, being fully staffed, there are challenges up ahead, such as pending retirements. We want to be ready by providing opportunities to attract and equip the next group of educators to our school district, region, and the State of Michigan. 

As we build it, this program may include funding, reduced cost, award work experience credit, and will help individuals earn a teaching degree.  

We have been working in collaboration with the Saginaw County ISD throughout the process, with support from AFT Michigan and MDE. If anyone is interested in participating in this program, and joining the Huskie pack, please click here to be placed on our list for information as it becomes available.