STEM Donation

Hemlock Public School District would like to thank Hemlock Semiconductor for the generous donation of $50,000 toward the construction of the STEM Labs, an addition to the Lockwood STEM Center.

Andy Ault, Vice President of Manufacturing at HSC said, “When given hands-on opportunities, students develop a love of science and engineering. These programs provide a well-rounded platform for students to engage in design, coding, construction, and technical problem-solving,” adding that he is, “looking forward to the next phase of growth of the Lockwood STEM Center and the impact that it will have in creating the engineers and tradespersons of the next generation”. 

The STEM Labs include the: 

  • Computing + Design Lab
  • Electronics Lab
  • 3D Print Lab
  • Lego Lab

Andy Ault and Kristen Opperman, HSC’s Communications liaison, visited the STEM Center on February 8th to present Hemlock Public School District with the donation check. 

It is a beautiful facility and is great for the region,” Senator Kevin Daley said during a tour of the STEM Center on February 10th, adding that it is “inspiring students to be prepared for their future”.