Matt Wesener Bio Page

Matt is a Hemlock alumni from the class of 1989. He and his wife Melissa have two boys, Cole (class of 2024) and Tanner (class of 2025) both currently attending Hemlock. Matt has served on the Hemlock Public School Board since initially being elected in 2012. He is incredibly proud of what the schools leadership and staff have been able to accomplish and offer for the kids in our community. We have been able to increase the offerings and opportunities for our kids while increasing our financial stability. Also thanks to our tremendous community and local businesses we have been able to see some great visionary goals come to fruition like the Lockwood STEM Center.

Matt is a US Air Force veteran and has a Bachelor of Science in Management degree. While he has had a long career in technology and leadership, he has most enjoyed giving back to the community through things like youth coaching, assisting in some varsity programs, board service, and participating in programs like Hemlock Strong and other initiatives. In our current environment, especially the education process has rapidly evolved. Matt would like to say “Thank You!” to all of the school employees who have gone above and beyond every day to ensure the safety, success, and growth of our students. Also, without the support of our community and local businesses, none of this would be possible. He is incredibly proud and grateful to be a part of Hemlock!