Strategic Planning

Hemlock Public Schools under the leadership of the district governance team and Superintendent Killingbeck embarked on developing a long-term strategic plan focusing on student achievement....click here to read the full document.

Board Members 

Board Members Phone Term Expires
Katherine Ellison - President 989-798-6369 2022
Matt Wesener - Vice President 989-293-3833 2020
Mary Ann Ling - Secretary 989-642-8190 2020
Jamie Rivette - Treasurer 989-284-7922 2022
Hilary House 989-225-7797 2022
David Messing 989-264-5799 2022
Kimberly Hoeppner 989-642-21092020

Executive Officers

Katherine Ellison
Vice President
Matt Wesener
Mary Ann Ling
Jamie Rivette

SCHOOL Board Meetings

Please take notice that at the organizational meeting held on June 8, 2020 the regular meetings for the Board of Education of the Hemlock Public School District, Hemlock, Michigan will be as follows:

DATE: The second Wednesday of every month. 

July 20, 2020 Special Meeting (Virtual) at 6:00pm - click here for notice

August 5, 2020 Athletic Committee Meeting (Virtual) at 5:30pm - click here for notice

August 12, 2020  Virtual Meeting at 6:00pm - click here for notice

September 9, 2020  Virtual Meeting at 6:00pm - click here for notice

September 16, 2020 Athletic Committee Meeting (Virtual) at 7:45am - click here for notice

September 23, 2020 Finance Committee Meeting (Virtual) at 7:30am - click here for notice

October 2, 2020 Policy Committee Meeting (Virtual) at 7:45AM - click here for notice

October 14, 2020 Virtual Meeting at 6:00pm - click here for notice

November 11, 2020

December 9, 2020

January 13, 2021

February 10, 2021  (Meeting at Ling Elementary School)

March 10, 2021 

April 14, 2021 (Meeting at Middle School)

May 12, 2021 (Meeting at High School)

June 9, 2021 

PLACE: 200 Wilson, Hemlock, Michigan


Any person with a disability that needs assistance, please contact the Business Office at least three (3) days prior to the meeting date. The Business Office may be reached at: 989-642-5282.