Coaches Request Form

Hemlock Coaches,

Our mission is to assist the Athletic Department in supplying uniforms and equipment necessary for our athletes to have a safe, successful and positive experience.

For over 25 years, Sports Boosters has been a part of Hemlock High School, raising and donating over $150,000. Money is raised by 50/50 raffles, concession stands, donations and the Walk Of Pride.

With the support of the Athletic Director, we decide how funds are disbursed. Once a month the Athletic Director brings requests from coaches of athletic needs. We do our best to meet these requests with consideration to how the coach or sport has used past donations. For example, if we buy uniforms 1 year we are not likely to buy uniforms for the same sport a year later. We expect equipment to be well taken care of as well as inventoried so we can do our best to accommodate requests from coaches. We need to be confident our money is well spent and we appreciate the coaches support in turn doing their best to make sure all equipment, uniforms, etc. are well taken care of.

Please click on the link below to for your request. Please make sure you do the following so we can review your request efficiently and have a decision in a timely manner.

1. Make sure you have two copies of the attached form.

2. Present one copy to the Athletic Director and place the second in the Hemlock Sports Boosters mailbox located at the High School.

3. Please make sure you have three quotes of the item you are requesting.

Coaches are always welcome to come to the Sports Boosters meeting if you would like to give further explanation or details of your request. Make sure you have given complete details of quantities needed, shipping costs or any other costs. Sports Boosters meets once a month so make sure you turn your request in a timely manner. 

Click here for the Coaches Request Form